Tuesday, 23 September 2014

George updates

Catering to the U.S.A. market.
Sorry for taking so long between posts these days, but I'm currently busy putting together the new "Norwegian Wood" magazine, where I'm both editor, lay out designer and writer (most of the articles, anyway). Also, the plans for the Norwegian Beatles festival have made me pretty occupied for a while.
I'm so busy, I haven't even been to the record shop to look for George Harrison's Apple box. So as a service to those of you who are still holding out on that box, here's a promotional film they made for the new edition "Living In The Material World".

Also, they've made one of the "Wonderwall Music" bonus tracks available to hear on the internet, it's the instrumental "The Inner Light". You can find that track over at  Stereogum.

Thursday, 18 September 2014

Beatles jigsaw puzzles

Jigsaw Puzzle Group (NEMS Enterprises, Ltd. 1963). This is no. 4. 

Looking for something special for a Beatle fan's birthday? Forget about records, how about one of these original vintage 1963 jigsaw puzzles? They come in a variety of four.

The back of the box displays all four variations 

Easy to make, too - it's only 340 pieces! Each puzzle measures approximately 11" x 17" when assembled, and makes for a fine display when framed.

It's not easy to find the box in great condition
They may prove to be slightly expensive though, although more so in the USA than in the UK. Of course, if you should come across one, make sure to count the pieces. Otherwise, your friend may be in for another surprise after having (near) completed it.

No 4 - completed? Or a new search begins...
No. 3.

No. 2 and No. 1.

Of course, if your friend is a completist, by presenting him with one of these you'll be sending him on a quest for the other three versions to complete his collection. And if he's a googler, his quest will at one point or other land him here on this page.
No. 1 - Success!
There's also supposed to be a picture card in the box, showing the complete picture. This may be harder to come by, as it may have ended up in a scrap book at the time. It's not in your box? Sorry I ruined your day.

Assembled No. 2 with picture card

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

New "New" confirmed for October

Time for another new New
We told you before, and now it's official: There will be yet another edition of Paul McCartney's album "New" from October 2013, the release date is October 28th, 2014. This will feature a hardbound cover, which will hold 2 CDs and 1 DVD, and it's called "Collector's Edition".

1. Save Us
2. Alligator
3. On My Way To Work
4. Queenie Eye
5. Early Days
6. New
7. Appreciate
8. Everybody Out There
9. Hosanna
10. I Can Bet
11. Looking At Her
12. Road
13. Turned Out
14. Get Me Out Of Here

Disc: 2

1. Struggle (previously available only in Japan)
2. Hell To Pay (previously unreleased)
3. Demon's Dance (previously unreleased)
4. Save Us (Live at Tokyo Dome 2013)
5. New (Live at Tokyo Dome 2013)
6. Queenie Eye (Live at Tokyo Dome 2013)
7. Everybody Out There (Live at Tokyo Dome 2013)


01. Something New
02. New Interview (Bang & Olufsen Presents The Living Room Tour: Launching Paul McCartney’s Album ‘New’)

03. The Promo Tour:
03.1. MGM Grand for iHeartRadio Music Festival, Las Vegas, 21st September 2013
03.2. Hollywood Boulevard with Jimmy Kimmel, Los Angeles, 23rd September 2013
03.3. NBC Studios with Jimmy Fallon, New York, 7th October 2013
03.4. Times Square, New York, 10th October 2013
03.5. The Shard, London, 15th October 2013
03.6. BBC Maida Vale Studios, London, 16th October 2013
03.7. The London Studios with Graham Norton, London, 17th October 2013
03.8. Covent Garden and HMV Oxford Street, London, 18th October 2013

04. Music Videos:

04.1. Queenie Eye
04.2. Save Us
04.3. Appreciate
04.4. Early Days
04.5. Making Of Queenie Eye
04.6. Making Of Appreciate
04.7. Making Of Early Days

Total DVD Running Time: 1 hour 58 minutes

As excited as we are of getting two new songs, we have to admit that as long standing fans, we are getting a bit tired of this constant repackaging of music that we have already bought.

Uncirculating Dark Horse

Dark Horse
The promotion campaign for the new George Harrison release "The Apple Years 1968-75" is kicking into high gear, with a week of celebrations coming up on "Conan" and the upcoming Georgefest in Los Angeles. And they are also using the bonus tracks for what they're worth. A version of This Guitar (Can't Keep From Crying) popped up on last week on npr.org, now a version of "Dark Horse" appeared on RollingStone.com. And it turns out to be an early take that hasn't been heard before, even on bootlegs. So head on over and take a listen!

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Still no sign of the "1" DVD

A latter day incarnation of the bootleg DVD "Chronology"
We must admit that we are starting to lose faith in the previously leaked news about a release of a Beatles promo video collection for October, themed to the "1" album.  The Dutch Beatles promo special last month was to us an indication that perhaps they were gearing up for a DVD, but October keeps creeping up on us and no word from Apple. Word was, the "1" promo DVD was going to come out alongside a new vinyl edition of the album, as well as promotion of the Avedon posters. The "1" vinyl reissue did actually appear on the last release plan from Universal Music, but the date was still pending. Perhaps it is being pushed further towards the Christmas market? And where does that leave "Bootleg Recordings 1964"?
We have seen a lot of official product from the Beatles camp this year, starting with the release of the USA albums on CD, the Blu-ray/DVD of the restored and remastered "A Hard Day's Night" film, the 5 CD Japanese boxed set and now the mono vinyl boxed set (also available individually), but all of these have been re-releases of stuff that's already out there, even though it has been sonically updated. What we fans would really like to see is something that hasn't already been sold to us many times over already.
A promo video collection would fit that bill very nicely. It has never been available commercially, even in the video cassette era, and the manufacturers of bootleg DVDs have been reaping all the profit from this non-release since forever. So Apple, if you are reading this - know that we are ready for it and that it is something we all would purchase. The reissues you have given us so far this year have all been very expensive stuff, geared towards the money strong audience, whereas a DVD or Blu-ray of the promotional films would be something we could probably all afford.

If you're curious about which music videos the "Chronology" DVD consists of, here's the list:

DVD 1:

01. Some Other Guy
02. Love Me Do
03. Please Please Me
04. From Me To You
05. She Loves You
06. I Want To Hold Your Hand
07. Can't Buy Me Love
08. A Hard Day's Night
09. She's A Woman
10. I Feel Fine
11. Eight Days A Week
12. Ticket To Ride
13. Help!
14. We Can Work It Out
15. Day Tripper
16. Paperback Writer
17. Rain
18. Strawberry Fields Forever
19. Penny Lane
20. A Day In The Life
21. All You Need Is Love
22. Hello Goodbye
23. Lady Madonna
24. Hey Jude Rehearsal Film
25. Hey Jude
26. Revolution
27. Get Back
28. The Ballad Of John And Yoko
29. Something
30. Let It Be

Special Features:
- Baby It's You
- We Can Work It Out (Version 1)
- Paperback Writer (Version 2)
- Paperback Writer (Version 3)
- Rain (Version 2)

DVD 2:
01. Love Me Do
02. Please Please Me
03. Twist And Shout
04. I'll Get You
05. I Want To Hold Your Hand
06. This Boy
07. You Can't Do That
08. She's A Woman
09. I Feel Fine
10. Help!
11. Yeterday
12. We Can Work It Out
13. Day Tripper
14. Paperback Writer
15. Rain
16. Eleanor Rigby
17. Yellow Submarine
18. Strawberry Fields Forever
19. A Day In The Life
20. All You Need Is Love
21. Hello Goodbye
22. Hello Goodbye
23. Hey Bulldog
24. Helter Skelter
25. Blackbird
26. Hey Jude
27. Revolution
28. Get Back
29. Let It Be
30. The Long And Winding Road

Special Features:
- Paperback Writer (The Ed Sullivan Show)
- Rain (The Ed Sullivan Show)
- Hey Jude (The Smother Brothers Comedy Hour)
- Don't Let Me Down
- Come Together (Color 1969 8mm Montage)

We found it on ebay. Note that there were made several versions or videos of certain songs, so no material on disc 2 duplicates what was on disc 1. Note that the Chronology DVD has been improved upon by later DVD compilations, notably the "Unsurpassed Promos" 4 discs set, divided into the 2 DVD "Tour Years" and the 2 DVD "Studio Years". I guess we can only dream that Apple should be as thorough as the Beatles fan bootleggers, and make such a comprehensive collection, but they should at least give us something.

Monday, 15 September 2014

Make the new What Is Life video

Apple Scruffs/What is Life: The Norwegian single
To celebrate the release of The Apple Years 1968-75 box set, Olivia & Dhani Harrison are giving filmmakers the opportunity to make a music video for George Harrison's song 'What Is Life'.
Originally released in November 1970 the All Things Must Pass triple album, and later in February 1971 as the second single from that album, 'What is Life' was to become a top ten hit in many countries. It was also the B-side to ‘My Sweet Lord’ in the UK where it was the biggest selling single of 1971.
Written by George in 1969, he had originally intended it for Billy Preston, but the track was not actually to be recorded until the All Things Must Pass sessions in May 1970 when George was at Abbey Road studios with Phil Spector. Featuring musicians such as Eric Clapton, members of Badfinger, and the powerful brass section of Bobby Keys and Jim Price, 'What is Life' has become one of George’s most acclaimed songs.
With no official video created at the time, this is a rare and exciting chance to create an official video for a globally loved and timeless recording!

Awards & Judging
5 finalists will be chosen by Universal Music & Genero.tv and will win a copy of The Apple Years box set. The ultimate winner will be selected by Dhani & Olivia Harrison from the final 5 and will win the $5k prize and be shared on the Official George Harrison website, Youtube channel & Facebook page. You may enter the competition through the Genero website. Deadline: October 21st.

Fan made videos
The trend of inviting fans to create videos for songs is a popular one, and has been employed earlier by both Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr. Ringo's updated version of "Wings" had a music video made by Jem Gerard, who won $3,000 for the winning video in 2012. In 2007, Paul McCartney invited fans to send in their own videos for the track "Nod Your Head", and a compilation of videos were made into an official video for the song. Since then, McCartney has compiled several other fan made videos for his new songs.
Fan made videos is also a YouTube trend, typically they are mainly used to illustrate a song with photos or video footage or both of the artist. Here's a six year old fan made video for What is Life:

New book about Apple

There's a new book series on Apple Corps Ltd. coming up. Vol. 1: 1966-1968 is due out in the spring of 2015. It will have approximately 500 pages in full colour. Each book of this series will be limited to 500 copies only and each volume will come with a special collectable surprise! You can read more about the series and find sample pages over at AisforAppleBook.com.

Vol. 1 of a is for apple tells the story of how Apple came together. It starts in late Summer 1966 with Lennon and McCartney's first solo projects, How I Won The War and The Family Way, running over to 1967 when the first multimedia corporation became reality with the foundation of Apple Publishing, Apple Retail and Apple Electronics and finally to 1968 when Apple Records topped the charts nearly everywhere. But even before the phenomenal success of Hey Jude and Those Were The Days Apple published some wonderful music on other labels such as Decca, RCA and Beacon. Many of the artists behind this wonderful records have never told their stories before.

The book is authored by German Axel Korinth and Dutch Ed Dieckmann. They would also like to get in touch with people who worked for Apple, composed or play in a group signed (or nearly signed) to Apple Records and Apple Publishing, or people who have interesting stories to tell or rare documents, photographs and other stuff to share. You can get in touch with the authors through the website.

Friday, 12 September 2014

The Beatles - New live single

She Loves You - Live in Stockholm 1963
A small Italian company - Kutmusic - seems to have taken advantage of the loophole in EU copyright legislation to release two songs from the famous Swedish radio concert in 1963. Heralded as possibly the best live recording of the Beatles ever, this concert was exploited for The Beatles' Anthology in 1995 - but only five of the songs from the concert appeared on that album. The remaining two, "She Loves You" and "Twist And Shout" are presented on this CD single.
The radio programme was called "Popgrupp från Liverpool på besök i Stockholm" ("Pop group from Liverpool visits Stockholm"), and has been broadcast several times on Swedish radio, starting in 1963. The last broadcast was in October 2013, duly reported in this blog.

Bootleg Recordings 1963

When the official "Bootleg Recordings 1963" was released for Christmas 2013 on iTunes, we gathered that the release was intended to close that copyright loophole, but it fell a bit short to do just that. There were other 1963 recordings in circulation among fans and collectors that weren't part of that release. These we listed in a blog post from December 18, and the two tracks presented here were on that list.

The backside of the sleeve

The CD sleeve mimics the seventies "green series" of singles, and lists Hans Westman as the (original) engineer of the recording, and Nicola Battista as the engineer responsible for audio restoration.

It has been speculated that the great quality of this performance by the Beatles was mainly because their Vox amplifiers hadn't been delivered to Sweden yet, so they had to make use of the Fender amplifiers that were available in the studio. The Beatles were under contract to use Vox amplifiers only, but they figured they could get away with not using them this time, since they were only heard and not seen - apart from by the radio studio audience. This, combined with a good recording studio and an enthusiastic audience made for a superb performance, resulting in a great live record of the Beatles in 1963.

This single is listed over at Discogs.
Kutmusic website

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Hope for the future

Here is the new Paul McCartney song called "The Hope Song".
The music of “Destiny” was a collaborative effort between Bungie's former in-house composer Marty O'Donnell, his partner Mike Salvatori and former Beatle, Sir Paul McCartney.
The New York Times reports that one of McCartney's contributions to the game's soundtrack, "The Hope Song" will be released as a single.
The Times calls McCartney's track the game's theme song, reporting that it is fully orchestrated and was recorded at Abbey Road Studios under the direction of Giles Martin, son of The Beatles producer Sir George Martin.
The song's producer is Mark "Spike" Stent, who has experience recording a handful of James Bond movie theme songs: Tina Turner's "GoldenEye" and Madonna's "Die Another Day."
McCartney announced his involvement in the Destiny score in 2012, tweeting, "I'm really excited to be working on writing music with @bungie, the studio that made Halo."
O'Donnell detailed his collaboration with McCartney last year when Bungie unveiled the first details on Destiny. He said the former Beatle was drawn to the project by his interest in the technology behind interactive music. "He didn't only want to do Paul McCartney music," O'Donnell said. "He wants to get involved in themes, how melodies and motives can be a touch point for people."

Hope Song Recording details:

Writer & Composer. Vocals, guitars, piano: Paul McCartney
Drums: Abe Laboriel Jr.
Keyboards: Paul «Wix» Wickens
Additional keyboards and programming: Toby Pitman
Lead guitar: Rusty Anderson
Bass guitar: Brian Ray
Solo Cello: Caroline Dale
Conductor & Arranger: Ben Foster
Boys choir: Libera
Recording engineer: Sam Okell
Recording studios: Avatar Studio, Abbey Road Studios
Producer: Giles Martin
Original recording engineers: Jamie Kirkham, Eddie Klein & Keith Smith
Original recording studio: Hog Hill Mill
Mix studio: Henson recording studios
Mix engineer: Mark «Spike» Stent

Paul McCartney is also credited as co-composer of the incidental music piece "Music of the Spheres", alongside Martin O'Donnell and Michael Salvatori.

Ed Sullivan in colour

Colourisation tests by our old friend, HIWAX.

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

"The Art of McCartney" launched

The Art of McCartney - Deluxe edition
After months of suspension, a website for the "Art of McCartney" project was launched today. And yes, Dylan is confirmed to do "Things We Said Today"!
Here's the press release:

September 9, 2014 – New York – The Art Of McCartney is a long awaited and very special project celebrating one of the most universally acclaimed songwriters of all time, Sir Paul McCartney. With backing provided by McCartney’s long time band, classic tracks such as Maybe I’m Amazed, My Love, The Long And Winding Road, When I’m 64, Let It Be, Helter Skelter, Eleanor Rigby, Live And Let Die have been recorded by some of the world’s greatest artists. The Art of McCartney will be released on November 18th.

The caliber of artists showing their respect to Paul’s songwriting genius is truly staggering. Bob Dylan, Billy Joel, The Cure, The Who’s Roger Daltrey, Brian Wilson, Alice Cooper, Def Leppard, Dr John, Yusuf, Barry Gibb, Jamie Cullum, KISS, Chrissie Hynde, ELO legend Jeff Lynne, and many more have recorded McCartney songs exclusively for this album.
The Art Of McCartney is the brainchild of Los Angeles producer, Beatles and McCartney fanatic, Ralph Sall, who has driven this project from conception to delivery. Sall met and worked alongside Paul in 2003 when they revived a song from the 1971 Ram sessions for a movie soundtrack. Ralph then asked Paul and his publishing company if they would support his making this album to honour him. They came back with Paul’s own blessing and thumbs aloft for the project to go ahead.

Ralph became a man on a mission, first recruiting McCartney’s gifted backing guitarists, Rusty Anderson and Brian Ray, keyboard player Paul “Wix” Wickens, plus the larger than life drummer, Abe Laboriel, Jr. They know Paul’s extensive back catalogue intimately and this is the first time they have recorded his songs with anyone else since they first started working together with Paul over 12 years ago.
Ralph then set about approaching the world’s greatest performers to invite them to step forward and make their mark. This has been a labour of love, not only for Ralph but also for the artists who gave their time to be part of it. All have spoken of the importance of McCartney and his songwriting in their own careers and wanted to show their appreciation.

A key strength of The Art Of McCartney is the way these world class artists have got to grips with the sheer range and quality of Paul’s work. From his groundbreaking recordings with The Beatles, through to key moments with Wings and his solo compositions, they are all featured on the album.
Legendary Beach Boy, Brian Wilson, was the first to take up the challenge. Undoubtedly he set the bar very high with his rendition of Wanderlust from the underrated 1982 album Tug Of War.
There are very few artists whose own work rivals The Beatles. So when producer Ralph Sall approached Bob Dylan to take part, he knew it was ambitious. Dylan’s choice was Things We Said Today - a track from The Beatles’ soundtrack A Hard Days Night – and audiences will be captivated as he growls his way through his remarkable version.

There are so many great interpretations here but look out for Willie Nelson’s heartfelt Yesterday, Roger Daltrey’s frenzied version of Helter Skelter, B.B. King’s atmospheric On The Way and The Cure’s Hello Goodbye . Also Smokey Robinson who makes his version of So Bad from Paul’s Pipes of Peace album his own, his tender vocals taking the song in a new direction.
All aspects of Paul ’ s peerless back catalogue have been explored from The Beatles to his experimental early solo work, to Wings and his latter solo output. Lesser-known hidden classics such as Junk and Every Night are given a fresh outing and interpretation.

The lead off track from the album is The Cure’s take on The Beatles classic ‘Hello Goodbye’ which is the band’s first release in 6 years and also features Sir Paul’s son James on keyboards. The track is available for download now for those who pre-order The Art Of McCartney.
Whether it is The Cure’s Robert Smith, Corinne Bailey Rae, Smokey Robinson, Bob Dylan, Billy Joel or KISS, they each bring their own special talent to Paul’s much-loved songs. In so doing, they have created versions that are both new and classic at the same time.

The Art of McCartney is the very definition of the universal appeal and timeless magic of Sir Paul McCartney’s songs and songwriting.
The Art Of McCartney is an audiophile’s dream. It is available in five beautifully packaged formats for the McCartney fan in your life:

Strictly Limited Deluxe Boxset (shown above)
A limited run of 1,000 Deluxe Boxsets will include Alan Aldridge signed artwork exclusively available on The Art of McCartney online store.
  • 2 pieces of specially commissioned artwork by Alan Aldridge
  • Bespoke Höfner guitar USB with FLAC files of 34 tracks
  • The Making of The Art Of McCartney – Collectors Edition DVD film containing behind the scenes footage from the recording studios and interviews with the artists
  • The Making of The Art Of McCartney - Audio documentary about the making of the album narrated by Bill Nighy
  • Illustrated guide to The Art of McCartney within a 64-page 12” hardback book
  • 4 black and white artcards
  • 42 track triple CD
  • 42 track quadruple 12”, 180 gram coloured vinyl
  • Certificate of authenticity hand numbered
This deluxe box is a must for any fan of McCartney’s music

Strictly Limited Vinyl Boxset
  • 42 track quadruple 12”, 180 gram coloured vinyl
  • Illustrated guide to The Art of McCartney within a 12” bound book

Triple Gatefold Vinyl
  • 34 track triple 12”, 180 gram vinyl

CD Casebook
  • 34 track double CD
  • 16-page hardback book
  • The Making of The Art Of McCartney DVD film containing behind the scenes footage from the recording studios and interviews with the artists

CD Remus
  • 34 track double CD
  • 8-page booklet

Standard Digital Album
  • 34 tracks

iTunes Album (MFiT)
  • 36 tracks and digital booklet

1. Maybe I’m Amazed - Billy Joel
2. Things We Said Today - Bob Dylan
3. Band On The Run - Heart
4. Junior’s Farm - Steve Miller
5. The Long and Winding Road - Yusuf / Cat Stevens
6. My Love - Harry Connick, Jr.
7. Wanderlust - Brian Wilson
8. Bluebird - Corinne Bailey Rae
9. Yesterday – Willie Nelson
10. Junk – Jeff Lynne
11. When I’m 64 – Barry Gibb
12. Every Night – Jamie Cullum
13. Venus and Mars/ Rock Show – KISS
14. Let Me Roll It – Paul Rodgers
15. Helter Skelter – Roger Daltrey
16. Helen Wheels – Def Leppard
17. Hello Goodbye – The Cure ft James McCartney
18. Live And Let Die – Billy Joel
19. Let It Be – Chrissie Hynde
20. Jet - Robin Zander & Rick Nielsen of Cheap Trick
21. Hi Hi Hi - Joe Elliott
22. Letting Go - Heart
23. Hey Jude - Steve Miller
24. Listen To What The Man Said - Owl City
25. Got To Get You Into My Life - Perry Farrell
26. Drive My Car - Dion
27. Lady Madonna - Allen Toussaint
28. Let ‘Em In - Dr. John
29. So Bad - Smokey Robinson
30. No More Lonely Nights - The Airborne Toxic Event
31. Eleanor Rigby - Alice Cooper
32. Come And Get It - Toots Hibbert with Sly & Robbie
33. On The Way - B. B. King
34. Birthday - Sammy Hagar

The limited edition vinyl boxset and deluxe boxset features the following eight extra tracks;
1. C Moon - Robert Smith
2. Can’t Buy Me Love - Booker T. Jones
3. P.S. I Love You - Ronnie Spector
4. All My Loving - Darlene Love
5. For No One - Ian McCulloch
6. Put It There - Peter, Bjorn & John
7. Run Devil Run - Wanda Jackson
8. Smile Away - Alice Cooper

The Art Of McCartney is available to pre-order now via The Art of McCartney Online Store, iTunes and Amazon: TheArtofMcCartney.com

Beatles in Mono is out

Original photo for the Revolver back cover. © Copyright Robert Whitaker.
The Beatles in Mono is out, and I had the privilege of attending a small launch party at the appropriately named Mono Café in Oslo on Sunday to have a look and listen to the new pressings.
What was apparent about the new editions was that even though they had gone to great lengths of reproducing the original packaging, there are some tell-tale signs which makes one able to ditinguish an original from a reissued mono album. One of which, surprisingly, was that the back cover of Revolver was considerably darker than it used to be on the old Ernest J Day and Garrod & Lofthouse covers. Of course, even back then, the full clarity of the original photo (depicted above) was not reproduced on the cover (below).

Original back cover from 1966 (Garrod & Lofthouse edition)
You can clearly see where George's head ends and the dark background begins. This is more difficult on the new edition.

2014 edition
Of course, the quality of said photo has continued to deteriorate on subsequent reprints in the past, but I thought they would have taken more care to preserve the original quality on this particular reproduction of the album cover.

The label is also easy to verify as a new edition.

Original 1966 label
The new label omits the legend "Sold in U.K. Subject to resale price conditions, see price lists" and features a new matrix number (XEX 605 is now LCO1846). Also, below the record number (in this case PMC 7009) on the right is a new Apple Records catalogue number (in this case 509993380415). This is all very well, because I'd like to be able to distinguish between an oldie and a newie.
2014 mono Revolver label
For the sake of comparison, here's the label from the 1982 mono albums re-release.

The 1982 mono label also omitted the "Sold in U.K." text, but kept the original matrix number, since they used the old stampers.

For the vinyl itself, the weight is a giveaway. I had the opportunity to weigh an original "A Hard Day's Night", and it weighed in at 149 grams. The new edition of the same record clocked up an impressive 194 grams. Of course, if you bring a scale to the record fair it's very likely you'll be branded an idiot.

As for the sound, his was a little more difficult to compare in a noisy club, but I did think that the EQ has been adjusted a tad, I thought I heard more presence in the bass department on the new pressings. And for the record, "Tomorrow Never Knows" is RM8 and not the much rarer RM11, which was placed by mistake on the very first pressing of "Revolver".

Meanwhile, you can listen for yourself on the new official site.

Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Apple Years DVD

Here's what's on the DVD: 

George Harrison - The Apple Years Feature (2014) [7:27]
Produced by Peacock
Directed By Olivia Harrison

All Things Must Pass (bonus feature in 2001 album package) [8:03]
Produced by Radical Media

The Concert for Bangladesh EPK (2005) [6:03]
Produced by Olivia Harrison and Jonathan Clyde
Edited by Claire Ferguson

Give Me Love (Give Me Peace On Earth) (video from Live In Japan, 1991) [3:43]

Miss O'Dell (alternative version from 2006 deluxe edition of Living In The Material World) [2:31]

Sue Me Sue You Blues (acoustic demo version from 2006 deluxe edition of Living In The Material World) [3:04]

Living In The Material World (feature from 2006 deluxe edition of Living In The Material World) [3:34]
Produced by Abbey Road Interactive

Ding Dong, Ding Dong (original promo video, 1974) [3:46]
Directed by George Harrison
Filmed by Nick Knowland
Film Restoration: David Dean & Gwyn Evans

Dark Horse (original promotional clip, 1974) [0:30]
Created by Capitol Records

Video promo for the boxed set: http://youtu.be/bL21-rtHnp8